The Aircraft named the "Andrew Stewart" after a legendary pioneer missionary, the Cessna 180 was the first aircraft used by the Seventh-Day Adventist (SDA) church to gain access to the mountainous jungle regions of Papua New Guinea.

It flew more than 5,000 hours of missions in the region without accident.

Apart from a brief period of private ownership, the aircraft was used to operate SDA outreach programs until it was withdrawn from service in 1985 when it was mounted on a steel tower overlooking the Sunnyside museum as a static exhibit.

The aircraft which had hovered over the Sunnyside museum for 20 years has since been refurnished and become a ground exhibit.


Not a huge aircraft, but flew over 5,000 hours


One of the many villages of the highlands of Papua New Guinea, unreachable by foot


Andrew Stewart on the left, whom the aircraft was named after