The South Sea Islands Museum currently has two main exhibits. The first room changes annually, and involves a general explanation of significant regions and cultures in the South Pacific Islands. The second room is a thematic exhibition, changing every three to five months.

Current Exhibit: Treasures of the Archives & Museum
Immerse yourself in our current exhibit of museum treasures. Featuring prolific writer Robert Hare, carver Col Gibson, Eric Were's photographic collection and our collection of unique Bibles. Take a look at our South Sea Islands baskets, billums, exquisite shell necklaces and shell money. Come see traditional fishing traps and hooks used in Pacific Island cultures. The South Sea Islands museum will continue to remain open over the Christmas period. 


  Shell Money from Solomon Islands                   Pearl Shell Fish Hook from Cook Islands, Pukapuka (ID2003

Exhibits of 2015 - 2016

January - March: Communication

April - August: Stories of War

September - mid January:Treasures of the Archives & Museum - Currently Showing

February - March 2016: Adventist memoirs of Papua New Guinea